The air blow with the high-performance Air-nozzle and Air-knife leads to energy saving

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Specializing in nozzles which produces a glaminarh flow of air along its length using the gKARMAN VORTICESh effect which gentrainsh a large volume of air from the surrounding area along with the small amount of compressed air from the nozzle to produce an increase in the output flow and distributing uniformly through long slit types as well as multiple outlet type nozzles at great precision and can be used in production lines in factories. We also manufacture Hot Air generating unit to supply clean hot air to the filter unit for use in supplying clean air through the Slit air nozzle or multiple outlet nozzle,

Our products are widely used in numerous applications such as to drain water from the glass substrate used in the fabrication of LCD Flat Panels, for clean hot air drying after thin film printing or coating, to blow a curtain of Nitrogen gas in order to improve the wettability of the solder during soldering of components on printed circuit boards, and to drain water after hot water sterilization of a product in the food processing industry.

Dry various parts traveling on a tabletop conveyor such as castings, machined parts

Removes Water from cans or bottles before and after shrink wrapping so items can be Jet Coded .The high-velocity air blast also removes the water droplets from cans, bottles etc

Blow water off of extruded, tube, channels, angles, etc. after they have been cooled in a water bath.

Parts mounted on a continuous open-mesh conveyor can use our MX type nozzles to blow water or oil out of the pockets in the parts.

It can be also used to create a sheet of air to separate a variety of items of different densities or an air curtain on an oven to keep the hot air in the oven, etc.

In this home page we have introduced the most popular compressor operated nozzles (MX , DX and DY )

In addition to the products introduced here we also manufacture the following products:

compressor operated Long-slit nozzles, Blower operated Long-slit nozzles, (Slit length Max 2,600mm for each type), we also produce turbo fan operated Long slit nozzles for air curtains and ring nozzles for blowing water and various particulate matter off of long cylindrical items such as pipes etc.

Due to the wide range of products that we produce we are sure we can offer a nozzle which would match your specific production needs.

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